Escapism is an audiovisual project centered around making stupid music, pointless animations and useless images. The combination of these elements presents a unique opportunity to waste your time and life for a few minutes.





A small release of two instrumental psytrance-inspired electronic tracks. Triad is a melodic piece with heavy pianos and shifting momentum. It was heavily inspired by legendary breaks artists Hybrid. Apotheosis is a progressive psychadelic track with rising energy throughout.

  1. Triad 05:25
  2. Apotheosis 05:20

I'd Like To Do It Anyway

This is the best album to listen to for a good idea of what Escapism is. Recommendeded if you like flying in space, summoning elder demons or listening to nothing

  1. Eagle 03:42
  2. Cascading Style 03:35
  3. Alright 02:35
  4. Thomas The Crunk Engine and The Phat Controller 04:18
  5. Bowling Day 03:21
  6. The Carrot Farmer Riot 03:38
  7. Ship to Shore 01:45
  8. The Phonic Halt 04:43
  9. Tax Dog 06:00
  10. I'm Kinda Like A Mime 03:50

You Shouldn't Trust Us

A small collection of B-Sides that don't really fit into any of the other albums. Waste your time contemplating who you trust, and why. Parental advisory sticker.

  1. Trust 04:50
  2. King Of The Hobo 03:13
  3. Stomach Pump 03:05


The first collection of music ever produced by Escapism, back when the project was supposed to be a very serious rock band. Kind of.

  1. Tribulations of an Epileptic Strobe Light 03:12
  2. Sonicboom 04:56
  3. Haptic C 02:25
  4. Vodka 04:31
  5. Dahdarnerderner 01:17
  6. Passive 02:37
  7. Dissolution 04:56